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Spring fishing reminder.

Hi AMFisHers far and wide!   This is just a reminder blog post about spring fishing and keeping your baits relatively small for the first little while.

Due to the lakes thawing and spring weather rejuvenating everything all the baitfish will be quite small at this time of year, so a 2″ to 3″ is a good size to use.   A thinner style body on the bait is best as well, baitfish have not had long to grow so they will not be chunky yet either.

You can also get away with working your baits a little faster as well, spring is a high time for high activity as everything is out swimming around, kind of like a bunch of little kids at a birthday party!

Downsize your baits like this as you will increase your chances of landing more fish than you even expected.   Tight fishing lines everyone!  = )

The AMFisH guy…

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