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Steps to increase your catch ratio…

There are various ways to increase your catch ratio, most of them being pretty simple rules to follow:

1) the fish and weather will dictate what baits will produce on any given day.

2) fish the depths you are locating fish at, no point in fishing really deep if the fish are way up near the surface, especially if your electronics are posting fish shallow.

3) take several minutes after a fishing day to analyze the baits you used, spread them all out and sure enough it will come back to you as to what time it was when you tried a particular bait and from here you piece together if it was a good colour to try, ran the right depth, moved the right way, etc…

4) always start the day on a “positive” note, nothing worse then fishing(or doing anything for that matter) while in a bad mental state that has been impacted by negativity.

5) have your game plan for the day put together and execute the plan BUT adjust when needed.

The AMFisH guy…

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