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Still on fishing fever…

After a few years of fishing this same body of water i was exposed to more fishing with my friend Dave and his brother Phil, up at a cottage his brother rented on the Severn river.   Once again when the invite came our way we would each see who could get the family car for a day or short weekend.

Phil had an alluminum boat that he would take us out in, showed up various techniques that he knew as well, he is a big part of me having been exposed to so much fishing at a young age, as he knew we loved to fish but had no cars to get to the fish…….yup it sucked but that was life at the time.

Many outing up there catching smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, pike, catfish at night(got a secret bait to catch those, works like a charm and costs under $2.00), lets just say many fish were caught up there.

It was a water system I could try all my baits and techniques on, even if they did not work I was fascinated watching the movement of various baits, as you learn a lot from that.

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