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Thank you thank you “THANK YOU” ! ! ! !

Hello fellow fishing people on Tumblr and a very special hello to all the my followers !  It has been a great day, shot a few videos with my realtor, one for his video blog for his beach investing video blog and one for my AMFisH video blog, have know him for many years and it is great having such meaningful friendships.

Just taking a second to say thank you to every single person who is following me, WY because it is in my makeup to say thank you to people that have added value to my life !  I am making every effort to live my passion and that includes all of you, my fishing videos are me sharing my passion with as many amateur fishing people as I can, with a hope that they add value to as many of you as possible.

So “THANKS” to all of you for your kind words through messages on Tumblr, definitely a motivator for me, especially when I think of the fact that I we have all never actually met before……that is the really cool part !

Keep an eye out for soooooooooooooooooooo much more to come, my passion is a “BIG” one and I have a lot more stuff coming your way……thanks again !

Andrei a big thank you to you as well for your support, could not ask for anything more out of you……he is my realtor and long time friend, for anyone looking for real estate/investing information take a look at his site below…

The AMFisH guy…

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