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The fish will dictate what size of bait they are interested in.

Hello fellow amateurs writing a quick post of something that is quite unique when it comes to what fish will hit.   So much is out of our control, casting baits into suck large bodies of water in hopes that our bait will somehow get confused in amongst the real stuff and get attacked.

Well what I have tried to pass along to some of the people I know here at home and no on to all of you is, fish will dictate what they are into when it comes to bait, size, style, sound, sinking speed you name they will call the shots !

It’s is early fall up here in Canada and while fishing yesterday nothing was into hitting larger baits, all the fish caught as the day was cut short due to “crazy” rough water(almost 3ft waves, nuts! – will post some pics and a short video) BUT smaller baits were the thing of choice this weekend.

I can’t stress how important it is to always have this in the back of your heads, casting 2 or 3 different baits in one day and getting no attention to any of them does not mean it was just a bad day of fishing, before you call it quits try something similar in a larger or smaller size.

Example casting a shallow crank bait in a 4” model size may not get any attention BUT the second you cast out the second bait that is identical but in a smaller version you may actually have some luck !

The key thing is to remember that when fish stop hitting something try a different style bait, this can quickly result in more fish action.   I have had small 4” perch hit a regular size spinner bait then on the flip side a 6lb pound hit a 2” mepps spinner, in the end the fish will tell the tail of what bait they will react to and from there we piece it all together.

The key thing is to observe why/when they hit something, why/when they stopped hitting something and when to call it quits with a bait and throw something else, in the end this constant learning will result in better fishing outings…

The AMFisH guy…

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