The full story of my biggest northern pike catch – fishing.

Hi AMFisHers! I have shared numerous fishing stories with the world and have enjoyed doing so over the years, as I am a true believer that through someones stories there is always something be gained by everyone.

This specific fishing story is about my biggest northern pike catch ever, that was one of the most exciting fish fights I have ever experienced! As you may or may have not read about in previous posts some close life long friends and I have done a boys fishing week trip up on the Ottawa River, which is one spectacular fishery to say the least! With anticipation building up on our trip that was fast approaching a few years ago we had received some messages from the cottage owner that some huge pike were attacking walleye as they were reeling them in. The pike were actually in fact stealing the walleye off the line so that tells you they were BIG fish to say the least!

Here is a picture of my biggest northern pike catch…what a beauty!


My close friend Dave shared this news with me and I was determined to catch the thieving pike on our trip. As I was getting my gear ready for the week I decided to review all the large pike and muskie baits I currently had to see what my approach was going to be. The area in which the pike were taking the walleye was a large channel in a bay with very deep water in the middle areas leading up to weed and rock filled shorelines by a light house. This area sees a lot of boat traffic as well as unstable water at times do to the wide open channel flowing water, which was not going to make it easy to fish nor catch one of these MONSTERS!

Knowing these big northern’s were taking walleye in that 12″ to 15″ range off the lines I knew that this was all about big fishing gear and big baits. After having had a very close look at all my big fish baits I knew a trip to my local Bass Pro Shops was needed, as I was in search of one key bait that would allow me to achieve this goal of catching the thieving pike. While on the drive to Bass Pro I already knew what bait I was looking for, as I had a few in a smaller size that had served me well on the Ottawa River before, so once I arrived I headed right for the muskie bait isle. As I walked into the isle one bait instantly caught my eye as the bait that would catch me a walleye thieving pike, it was a 13″ silver & black Grandma muskie bait, with a huge diving lip on it. I knew that this was the bait to get the job done as it was the right size and had enough flash to match several of the bait fish on the Ottawa River.

This is the bait that got the job done! As you can see there are some patchy white areas between the two front hooks, this is where the monster pike smashed the bait and actually ending up scrapping and chewing away some of the hologram print. If you have any questions about this bait feel free to contact me!


Consider this one bait was all I was after I grabbed it and was off to the register, as there were not many days left before our trip and I had a lot to do. All I can tell you is that as soon as I had that bait in my possession on the way home I knew I so knew I was going to catch the thieving pike on our trip! I was on a confidence high as I knew a lot about big pike feeding habits, knew a lot about the water and area we would be fishing and knew that I was going in prepared to achieve this fishing goal!

The remaining few days passed relatively slowly as they always do before we head off on vacation to do the things we enjoy most and as those days were going by slowly my confidence level was increasing by the hour, no joke I was on a fishing mission to stop this thieving pike right in it’s tracks! Before I knew it, it was departure day that long 6 plus hour drive into the Quebec area of the Ottawa River for our boys fishing week trip, man was on a high of a lifetime! Heading up to a stunningly gorgeous area for a week with amazing life long friends who loved to fish, I could not have asked for anything more that day. The boat was rigged, packed up and ready to go as I was on my way to meet the guys at our meet up location. After having met up with them the main portion of the drive was done with my long time friend Dave in the truck with me and I can tell you the conversation was mainly about that thieving pike!

Dave knowing how much I love to fish instantly started asking about my approach and I was very eager myself to tell him exactly how I was going to go about it. I told him about the bait I had picked up and why I picked that specific bait, as well as about the 12ft muskie rod and power musky reel I had planned to use. The plan was in placed right down to the 100lb 18 inch fluorocarbon muskie leader I was going to use along with the 80lb braided line on my reel. There is definitely something to be said about a high level of confidence and what can be achieved by it! After a few stops along the way, talking about the thieving pike and catching up on life we arrived to our docking area where the reel work started. This was by no means an arrive and fish right away situation, there was a lot of work to be done, as all our gear needed to be loaded into our boats and taken to the cottages we were staying at a few miles up river. Labor intensive is the only way to describe this process, unloading the vehicles with multiple bags, coolers, fishing gear, propane tanks, extra gas, you name it we would bring it on this annual trip due to the fact that this was quite a remote area with no electricity or stores near by, oh and it was only accessi