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The magical part of positive thinking !

Through various experiences I have always been a believer is surrounding myself with as many positive people and things as possible, WHY because you feel freaking great !

During very tough fishing conditions recently while on an annual camping/fishing trip with a life long friend(honestly more like the brother I never had), the positivity took over and we ended up having nothing less then a “SHIT LOAD OF FUN” ! ! !   Sure fishing was very tough with other fishing boats struggling BUT the two of us stayed as positive as we could, we knew were doing everything as it was to be done for the conditions we faced and that in itself was the positive boost we continued to need.

Two days later and only two fish caught in 16 hours of fishing that weekend, we still smiled !   One fish got away at the boat, not a monster but a fish is a fish BUT then to be there with such a close friend while he catches his first fish of a 1000 casts as they call the mighty musky was “unreal” ! ! !

I was on the fly with the landing cradle, pliers ready to go and would have wrestled that musky to get it into the boat for him !   At the end of the day it’s not how many fish you catch it’s how many fish the boat catches, that is where the positivity grows and grows during that outing as well as all future outings !

Positivity is something truly magical and does work in quite unique ways, on a tough weekend like that most people would have been annoyed that no fish were being caught BUT I have learned over the years that sometimes it is what it is, just don’t stop trying you just never know what the day will bring, in this case a fish of a lifetime for my friend ! ! !

The AMFisH guy…

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