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The “new” new AMFisH website

Hi everybody,

It’s Duncan, the AMFisH guy’s web geek.  Welcome to the new AMFisH website.  After a couple of years of the old site, the old site got hacked.  Instead of restoring it, Bill wanted something better and newer and, with that, he gave me free reign to make any and all changes I wanted from the old site.

We have polished the website yet again and given it a refreshing new look utilizing  features available to us rather than having a specific vision and creating it.  This gave us the ability to grow the site organically from features it could offer and this let it take it’s own shape while providing the content.

Bill and I both agree that the new site has a better layout, more functionality, and an even AMAZING mobile setup.  After much deliberation on what we wanted to add to the old site, the hack was a blessing in disguise that forced us to move sooner than later.

So look around, enjoy, and please comment on everything.

New to the site:

  1. Search feature for both blogs and vlogs.

  2. Subscription for site updates.

  3. New cleaner store and a better store to come with better payment options.

  4. Social feeds now no longer clutter the site and you can visit them in separate windows.

  5. HUGE speed improvement and security too.

  6. A new background that is interesting and haunting in it’s beauty.

We want to hear from you.

– Duncan, the AMFisH technogeek guy.

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