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This week AMFisH fishing vlog – Top water fishing times.

Hi fellow anglers, fishing enthusiasts and AMFisHers! This weeks AMFisH(Visit today: fishing vlog is about top water fishing and what times are the best to catch fish on top water baits.

As many of you may think early morning is the best time to catch fish on top water baits, but that is not really the case as you can actually catch fish throughout the day as well. No granted using top water baits as soon as the sun starts to rise is always a good time of day, but you can also try top water baits throughout the day and even into the late evening.

My most favorite time to fish is dusk, during that last 25 minutes or so of daylight as it seems to be a great feeding time for roaming predator fish species. I also fish top water around this time as well, as it too can produce some crazy strikes! Morning and dusk are typically your best time to use top water presentations, due to the fact that in the morning we will see bait like frogs, schools of bait fish scurrying around and lots of bugs on the surface of the water, same happens at dusk so when you see this type of top water activity taking place it is by far the best time to try top water baits!

When I see frogs swimming around I use frog baits, when I see schools of bait fish jumping around in the water I use a top water minnow style bait, when I see insects on the surface I go right to buzzing a small inline spinner just below the surface, all good bait choices for matching the top water activity that is happening at that time. I will also try top water baits when I see large flocks of birds sitting on the surface feeding, this is another great time to catch fish as where the birds are in where the bait is and where the bait is, is where the fish are.

I also try top water throughout the day, as it can produce a good bite as well. When slight waves pick up it’s a good time, when a slight wind picks up it’s a good time, when it starts to rain it’s a good time, when it’s mid day and really hot it can be a good time fishing top water baits in the shallows as well. As you can see there are a lot of top water time choices, so don’t limit yourself to always thinking you need to race to the lake for 5am to try top water fishing, as that is not the case, especially with so many time options available.

Another good time to pull top water baits out is just before a storm rolls in, as the pressure changes there is a small window of opportunity where the fish start to feed like crazy once they sense this pressure change, so capitalizing on this window can result in some big fish being caught!

Rule of thumb is to use bright colored baits under bright sunny conditions and dark colors under low light conditions and this should be a big focus for top water fishing especially later in the day, because fish will not be able to see a very bright bait much at all when they look up at the surface of the water in low light conditions. Using a darker bait like an all black or dark blue, green, grey, red or orange will allow the fish to see the bait profile 1001% better. If you fish top water baits during the night which is also another good time choice, definitely make sure you are using the darkest bait possible and incorporate sound in the bait, like extra rattles or more blades for extra vibration, that will all help the fish zone in on the bait a lot easier, as they will be able to feel it and track it down better.

The top water bite is a very exciting bite to say the least, so make sure to try it throughout the day especially if some of the conditions in this post arise.

Hope you found this video helpful…tight lines everyone!

The AMFisH guy…

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