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This week’s AMFisH fishing video blog – do fish see colours ?

Hi fishing world !   This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog is about fish and seeing colours, don’t mind my left ear area noticed my hat tag was hanging out way too late after this video was shot, looks like I have serious cauliflower ear but the content of the video was worth leaving it as is:, can they really see colours ?  What do they actually see?  I wanted to make a video on this topic because I have been asked many times and for the most part fish don’t really distinguish colours, they can’t even really see colours.

They will see shades and patterns of movement, reflections but not actual colours which is making most of your right now say well why are there are these coloured baits out there…….yup I used to say the same thing BUT there is a reason, all those different colours give of different reflection’s and shades while running through the water.   Lot’s of senses kick in for the fish with feeling vibrations and movement through the water and in the end actually being either protective, dominant of an area and even flat out curious of something that went swimming by.

I grew up learning that darker more natural colours are used on overcast days and bright vibrant colours on bright days, well I have proven this theory wrong as I have caught some good quality fish on bright colours during overcast days and even better fish on natural darker colours of bright days, in the end the fish will dictate what they are into, our job is to toss everything at them !

Try baits while fishing is what I tell people, when something stops working suddenly try the opposite of that colour or size.   It will take some time to figure this stuff out but my strategy has always been to prep a few baits I want to try, fish them hard to see if they will produce. 

When it comes to colours I mostly match the hatch by using baits similar in colour to the bait fish BUT I have been known to throw something completely different if I feel the fish may not be responding to a bait because it was thrown too much that day by everyone fishing.

Hope this video helped clarify this very common but not son easily answered question.

The AMFisH guy…

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