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This week’s AMFisH fishing video blog, get your gear rigged up before you hit those fishing sp

This week’s AMFisH fishing video blog is something I have practised and informed people about for years, getting your gear all rigged up before you hit your fishing spots:

Taking these few minutes while still at the dock to tie new knots, get rods ready, lay out some bait to use all helps avoid extra stress trying to do all this at your first fishing spot.   Scrambling through tackle boxes, untangling baits, leave all that aside by being prepared makes for a much more relaxing fishing day !

Nothing worse then getting to a fishing area seeing fish breaching water and not being ready to fish.  The instinct and excitement kick’s in at that point not letting you to do even the simplest things quickly, SO take the time at the start of day before you head out, it will work wonders for you when it comes to preventing unnecessary stress.

The AMFisH guy…

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