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This week’s AMFisH fishing video blog – my style of shooting videos.

Hi fishing people this week’s AMFisH fishing video talks about my style of shooting videos(, as I am a strong believer that editing out too much of what happens out there is not something I want to do, WHY because I think it is important for everyone to see what can and what does happen on the water.

We can all learn from that stuff not being taken out, example video camera’s falling over while in the middle of shooting, rods getting tangled up because of the wind also in the middle of a video, lots can happen and lots has happened to me.

I have a bunch of bad videos I was planning on not putting out there live, BUT I decided to hang on to them and use them as teaching aids down the road.   Making videos in general is not easy and this is one of my earlier videos where I was still not comfortable being in front of the camera, BUT I wanted to share my passion with all of you out there so I took the leap !

A lot more to come working on sooooooooooooo much these days, stay tuned…

The AMFisH guy…

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