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This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog – “always” have a good knife with you !

Hello fishing world !   This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog is about “ALWAYS” having a good knife with you:

I can’t stress the importance of this tool, you just never now when you might need a knife.  It could be for cutting rope, killing something to eat, cutting your clothing in an emergency, protection from a wild animal, cutting that ever soooooooo tough braided fishing line, multiple uses for a knife so make sure you have one with you.

Now to the questions what kind of knife ?  Big knife or small knife ? What type of cutting edge ?  This list can go on as well, so here is a tip from me to all of you pick a knife with multiple edges.  Example in this video I show you all a half straight blade knife/half serrated edge knife, WHY well this gives me the best of both worlds ! 

I can use the straight edge for everyday cutting and I have a second cutting edge that allows me to cut through rope and various clothing materials in a split second !  Does you knife need to cost a lot of money ?  Absolutely not you can pick up a decent knife for just over $10.00 as I have many.  Sure you can double this price and get a even better stronger knife as well, that part I will leave up to all of you to decide, just make sure to have a knife.

Look for something with a strong thick style blade, those are very durable and will last you a long time.   Not much more I can say about knives just consider having one with you when you are in the outdoors.

I touch on having a good thermos as well, nothing worse then being out on a cold day opening what you think is still hot soup to find a solid block of soup staring back at you !  Lot’s of good brands on the market and definitely worth the money, as my North 49 thermos kept my soup pipping hot for over 7 hours, I was even shocked !

Hope you got something out of this video, as that is what I am striving to do through my fishing video blogs.

The AMFisH guy…

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