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This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog, bad weather and understanding what to observe!

Helloooooooooo fishing world !  = )   This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog is about bad weather and understanding what to observe:

I shot this video up on the Ottawa river during our trip, because it was a good opportunity to capture and talk about how bad weather can move in very quickly.  Most people don’t understand how fronts move in which is why this weather/safety video was something I felt I should do a video about.

My long time friend Dave who knows quite a bit about weather patterns, helped me out in this one as he goes over what we were dealing with this day and what you should all keep an eye out for.

Don’t mind the camera being aimed at the sky as Dave is talking, I know it looks a little like a weather broadcast but it was important to capture what the sky was doing.

Hope this video helps clarify what you should keep and eye on while fishing, “always” watch what the weather does and keep yourselves safe.

The AMFisH guy…

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