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This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog – being prepared for any fishing outing in the elements !

Hello fellow fishing people !  This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog is about learning to be prepared for fishing in the elements:

I can’t stress enough to be a prepared as possible and if so be even a little more prepared.   When it comes to the elements of cold weather it is critical to take some key steps, that way the outings can be enjoyed.

Put a little list together of important items like, extra gloves, extra toque, extra jackets, extra shoes, extra clothing layers for your upper body and lower body, warm liquids in a thermos, a handy knife, two small candles, stuff like this.

“Always” to stay ahead of the cold, start with enough layers so you feel warm, your base layer should be a man created fiber like a dri fit shirt or microfiber type material, that will act like a second layer of skin.  NEVER wear cotton as a base layer, it will make you feel colder then ever, so be sure to look at some of the thermal layers that are great for the base layer.

From here you will want a few warm layers on top with a nice warm jacket.  You can do the same for the lower layers, merino wool long johns then a warm pair of pants, potentially even a snowsuit outside of that.

Drink warm liquids because if you drink cold liquids valuable energy that could be used for generating heat will now be used to warm up the cold liquids you drank, so some hot tea or soup is a good idea in a good quality thermos.

It is better to have extra layers as you can always take some off or add more, if you have no extra layers you are pretty much stuck being cold, that is not fun at all.  Besides extra layers can come handy should someone you are with be not as prepared as you are, or even in an emergency situation they could help someone else.

I do safety videos for many reasons so be cautious out there especially in the cold, keep yourselves, family and friends safe.  I hope this video helped in some way…

The AMFisH guy…

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