This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog – fishing frog baits and what to look for in a good frog

This week’s AMFisH fishing video blog, fishing frog baits and what to look for in a good frog spot on the lake:

Simple rule of thumb here is look for frogs, typically you will find them swimming and darting around thick vegetation areas, matted weedy areas, lily pads, tall grass you name it those little guys will be there !

In this video I discuss what to look for in a good spot and how to work a frog so it appears as natural as possible, nothing worse then fishing a frog bait the wrong way as nothing will go near it.

Most people actually overwork a frog on the surface of the water, which is why I say watch a real frog swimming, lots of pauses and they stop on lily pads or grass for a second of two then dart off slowly again, that is what you will want to mimic when using these baits.

Hope this video helps you out, lots more to come on top water baits…

The AMFisH guy…

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