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This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog – having the right gear for multi-species fishing.

Hi fishing people this weeks AMFisH fishing video blog( is about having the right gear to become a multispecies fishing person !

I discuss the gear part as that is the most important, example here is that sure you can catch a big fish on a small bait or light action fishing rod, BUT you can’t actually fish for a big fish with this gear, you will need the right gear for the application.

This covers being able to cast large baits properly, small baits properly, being able to feel the fish strikes, a lot of variables come into play. 

Its a great blog video for those of you looking to branch off into fishing for 5 to 6 species like I do, can you get away with using a few rods that serve multipurposes, YES you can BUT once you start focussing on specific species and baits for those species things start to change, this is where you need to be prepared with the right gear.

Hope this video adds some value to all your fishing people out there…

The AMFisH guy…

#fishspecies #fishing

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