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This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog – importance of flipping structure !

This AMFisH fishing video blog was shot on bass opener here in Canada this past summer, could not wait for bass season to open so I could make some of these informative videos for everyone. 

Importance of flipping structure(, something anyone into fishing can’t overlook……”EVER” !   Fish use structure for many reasons and they will hold around it, so by getting in nice and close with a finesse presentation like flipping you can drop baits right in front of them sometimes.

I have had many conversations with people who never fished near docks, boat houses, sunken trees, all that stuff BUT the second they started fishing those spots their fish catch ratio went through the roof !

Flipping structure will take lots of practice to build up the accuracy that is needed to get close to the structure and I will be doing some future videos on some easy to follow practice techniques.

This style of fishing is usually described as a slow presentation style BUT can be used in lots of scenario’s.   I flip docks all the time during bass season and I flip them repeatedly throughout the day with a few different baits, WHY well that fat body style creature bait may not be what the fish want when I am throwing it SO I move back towards the docks a short while after with a leaner looking worm or creature bait, sometimes even smaller.

Just get out there and fish the structure is all I can say, the reward if far greater then I can describe it.

Hope this video helps you all catch more fish ! ! !

The AMFisH guy…

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