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This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog – one piece, two piece or telescopic fishing rods, which

Hi AMFisHers !   This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog is about one piece, two piece and telescopic fishing rods and which one you should choose:

There are many types of fishing rods to consider purchasing, but the question is which type of rod ?  We have one piece solid rods that pack some serious strength, then you have the telescopic fishing rod that collapses down several inches making it still a good solid one piece rod BUT allows for a little more versatility when transporting them.

Then we have the two piece fishing rod, great for packing away on day trips, fits almost anywhere BUT can lack a little on the overall strength side of things.   In this short video I just stress to match something to your needs and not to avoid one or the other for generic reasons like, this one is far too long I have no place to store it. 

Routing out a fishing rod due to storage issues is not what you should do, if you for example are into musky fishing and require a really strong long fishing rod, find a place to accommodate storing it.

The key thing is to evaluate your needs and see what fits well with your style of fishing.   Hope this video was helpful chat with you all soon.

The AMFisH guy…

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