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This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog – tips for backing a boat down a dock !

Helloooooooooooo fishing people out there !   This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog is some helpful little tips for backing a boat/trailer down a dock into the water:

Not going to lie I was puzzled myself when I first started doing it, hands were getting me all mixed up.   Some little tips I picked up from a pro fisherman here in Canada, who is actually the guy I purchased my boat from.

Learn to use your side view mirrors it really makes things a lot simpler, secondly positioning of the hands is critical to avoid confusion while looking in the mirrors.  I hold the steering wheel at the bottom middle position, what this does is keep your perception of direction in line.  Example is when you hold the bottom middle as your starting point, moving your hand left will direct your trailer left, going right makes it go right.

If you were to hold the steering wheel at the top middle that is where the hand confusion kicks in which quickly leads to frustration and high stress levels, BECAUSE with the hands at the top directions work differently.  Moving your hand to the right will actually make your trailer go left, moving to the left will make your trailer go right.

Avoid holding the wheel at the top, bottom middle is the safe zone and if you still get tangled up “ALWAYS” go back to the bottom middle starting point.

I have used these tips for the last several years and can pretty much make the trailer go where I want it to go, this saves time and allows you to be flexible in various situations.   Was really good to know this while fishing in Texas as I backed our guides boat down one of the longest steepest ramps I have ever seen, quiet the experience.

If you know anyone struggling with this I share their pain as I was once there, have them watch this short video and it will put things into perspective very quickly.

Hope these tips help some of you out there !

The AMFisH guy…

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