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This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog – using spoon baits !

Fellow amateur fishing people this weeks AMFiSH fishing video blog is about fishing with spoon baits.  These are very simple baits to use, pretty much cast and retrieve them BUT you can also jig them and troll them.  They are designed to resemble bait fish swimming and once the sun catches the spoon man oh man strong shine is sent travelling through the water !

In this video I show two matrix spoons made by blue fox, these are neat as they are designed to resemble fish patterns with great colours and shine to them.  I grew up using everything for dardevil spoons, williams spoons, pretty much any spoon baits that caught my eye, silvers and golds work very well and seem to be common colour patterns.

Did a video on spoon baits because they are a great bait to build confidence with when starting out and quite frankly they produce fish !  These are very versatile baits when it comes to catching various species and again I can’t stress the fact that they are easy to use. 

You can get them with tight wobble side to side action, long swaying side to side action, many different sizes and colours ton choose from.  A definite “must” bait in every tackle box…

Hope this video adds some value to you….until next time…..The AMFisH guy…

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