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This weeks AMFisH fishing video – tips of spooling braided line on to a bait casting reel !

Hi everyone this weeks AMFisH fishing video blog is some tips on how to spool braided line on to your bait casting reels:

Don’t mind the “zoom” moment in this video, when I was shooting it I thought my friend knew not to use the zoom in button as it does not work well from across the boat.  The content in it was good which is why I don’t mind using videos with minimal image quality issues.

Many of us were only used to monofilament fishing line and all these years later there are so many new types of line on the market, braided line, multiple braids of lines mad into one, fluorocarbon line, different colours for various applications, the list goes on and on.

Well when it come to braided line there are some things you should know, like making sure to build a strong line foundation on to the spool, this will help with preventing some of the “digging in” moments.

Braid also has no stretch, which makes it crazy tough BUT you need to be careful when it comes to tugging on it while snagged, it will cut right through your hand.  You can also potentially break gears when setting the hook because of the no stretch, so spooling on some monofilament line at the base(about 20 to 50 ft) then tying directly to the braid and spooling that on. 

This will allow for some stretch and at the base, making breaking gears less of a possibility.  I will be making many more videos pertaining to spooling line on properly, as well as knowing how all the components of the bait casting reel work.

Hope this video has helped at least a little when it comes to clarifying some must do items with respect to braid and using it on your reels.

The AMFisH guy…

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