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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – bass boat run across the lake.

Hi AMFisHers!   I have a great little bass boat run video up this week, wanted to share some out of the fishing box videos with everyone as I have been fortunate enough through life to be in a situation to have bass boat and wanted to share the view while behind the wheel moving to a new fishing spot across one of my favorite lakes!

For anyone out there thinking of getting a bass boat one day this is just a look at how amazing these vehicles drive on the water.  On a calm day when it’s flat the boat is very stable, barely moves or bounces around.  It is the same when fishing in it, extremely stable while standing, rough water will definitely be more challenging but all in all a great rig to have access to.

Hope you enjoy this little video I has been wanted to share, shot it with a GoPro on high HD and unfortunately the day was not sunny but I will capture some more boat run’s to share!

The AMFisH guy…

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