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Hi AMFisHers! This weeks AMFisH(LEARN more: fishing vlog is about heading out of fishing outings with minimal tackle and the benefits of doing so:

As anglers I know many of us feel a lot more comfortable heading out with every rod and bait we have, BUT getting outside that comfort level can really make you that much more of a better angler!

I do this from time to time on some lakes I fish on a lot as well as the occasional new lake I fish, as the challenge itself of being outside your comfort level is a massive one and the focus that takes place in your mind when you think about only being out there with 6 to 10 baits and two rods is quite intense as well. There is very little to no growth when we are in our comfort levels and with fishing being quite unique in the sense that it is not easy to always find and catch fish. The fish will always tell us how they want a bait, by the way the strike the bait, where they got hooked on the bait, how intense the fight was with the fish and various other factors really do come into play.

The biggest benefit of heading out with minimal tackle is the focus that takes over, you will feel quite vulnerable which is good because this allows us to focus on everything we would normally not focus on by having everything we own with us. Try heading out with 1 or 2 rods maximum and a small tray of 6 to 10 of your high confidence baits that allow you various styles of fishing. Examples here could be the white spinnerbait that you always catch various fish species on, a lipless crankbait that you can fish shallow, fish deep and vertically jig if you need to fish deeper water, a top water frog so you can cover the surface, a 20 pack of a standard black 6 inch worm that you can Texas or wacky rig for a slower presentation. Having just a few of your top performing high confidence baits and a few extras, as well as a few extra hooks and weights really does minimize any clutter/storage issues while you fish and does make you focus more on not trying to figure out what the fish want so much while looking through 78 baits as you normally might.

The key is to select minimal baits that allow you to fish different depths making your still as versatile as you would have been before, just more zoned in on the fact that you have few baits to select from, hence resulting in faster decision making and more fishing. When you have just a few baits to select from, your brain actually does focus more on the surroundings a lot more, examples here would be what spots do you really want to fish, why do you really want to fish those spots, examining areas to fish more closely with respect to observing more for bait in the area, fish activity, bird activity, things we all may not focus on as much inside our comfort levels.

The result of all of the above is that less is actually more sometimes with respect to the value it can bring. Spending endless minutes throughout a fishing day looking through all your tackle trays trying to figure out what a fish would strike all suddenly goes away and with those split second decisions from looking at just a few baits you will have a rod in the water that much longer automatically increasing your odds of catching more fish!

I would recommend trying various minimal tackle days on the water, there is so much to be gained by doing so that it’s hard passing up on so may positive gains. Grab yourself a small tackle tray, that allows for maybe 6 to 10 baits, some slots for extra terminal tackle and get to work on building that minimal tackle tray that you can also tweak from lake to lake by removing baits and adding other baits. Maybe even take it one step further by having a small tray with baits for each of the specific lakes you fish, this way you know you are heading out to on the water fully prepared with confidence fish producing baits.


With fishing being as difficult as it is sometimes, due to all the factors that come into play to be able to catch fish, it only makes sense not to add further difficulties to our outings. Creating outings that we learn and grow from is absolutely priceless and everyone should strive to want to become a better angler. We battle weather issues that impact fishing right down to our bad attitude when we lose a bait, BUT when you are prepared on the water and have had success catching fish those little things don’t seem to bother us as much, hence why heading out with less makes so many things that much easier for us. Small tackle tray, 1 to 2 rods and off you go, ready to target the fish species you want right away with as little to no complexity involved.

Start getting out there with less and enjoy the more of everything good it will bring!

Hope you found this vlog helpful…tight lines.

The AMFisH guy…

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