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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – dealing with missed top water strikes – fishing.

Hi AMFisHers! This AMFisH(LEARN more: fishing vlog is about how to deal with a lot of top water fish strikes that are missed:

If a fish strikes your top water bait and misses, it will usually chase it down for one more attack on the next cast, BUT if you start getting miss after miss all the signs start pointing to casting out a slow presentation bait right after the missed strikes in that area.  There are various slow presentations baits you can try in this type of situation, with the key thing being casting out a bait that will just sit there allowing the fish to gobble it right up.

A flipping jig with a soft plastic scented trailer is a good choice, something that will sink and sit up off the bottom in the same area, making it hard for that fish that missed your bait mere seconds ago to pass it up!

Bass for the most part will almost instantly gobble up a soft plastic just sitting there in the area where they missed catching something on the surface, so it’s a good presentation to use when you encounter a lot of top water misses.  You can also add trailer hooks to baits that get missed strikes, whether they are top water missed strikes or just missed strikes in general.

Below is a picture of a spinnerbait with a trailer hook added to it and what this does is once a fish miss strikes the bait, meaning hit it but either short strikes or bumps it and does not get hooked, this added hook on the back end covers a small bites worth of space, which usually gets the chasing fish hooked the next time around.


Using a drop shot rigged soft plastic is another great choice, as this presentation allows you to keep the bait in that strike zone that much longer with very subtle pops in that same missed strike area.

In this vlog I use a wacky rigged senko as the slow bait presentation, which is another great choice to follow up on top water missed strikes. Have this rigged up on a spinning rod as it appears in the image below and cast it right back out to the area the fish missed the top water bait. This wacky rigged bait will slowly wobble down allowing the roaming fish plenty of time to see it before it hammers it!


A Texas rigged bait is also another option, as it can trigger that same missed strike very quickly due to the bait sitting up off the bottom. I follow up on any missed strike with one of these 5 options and I usually go with the one I have the most confidence with when it comes to catching fish on it.

When the fish strike and miss have that slow bait ready to cast out there right after those misses and you are sure to hook into a lot more fish by doing so!

Hope you found this vlog helpful!

The AMFish guy…

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