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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – differences between flipping jigs and swim jigs – fishi

Hi AMFisHers! This weeks AMFisH(LEARN more here: fishing vlog is about the differences between flipping jigs and swim jigs.

To many these baits might all look the same BUT there are some very key differences between these two styles of baits. Although they may look very similar they serve some different purposes for different presentations. Flipping jigs are normally fished as slow presentation baits, by adding a soft plastic trailer to them so the bait resembles a crayfish and it flipped or pitched into thick weed cover areas and fished right off the bottom. Swim jigs however are designed more for swimming the bait along as you would a crankbait, so the presentation is quite different from that of a flipping jig.

Can you do either presentation with either bait?  You sure can, but does one bait do the right job better, it sure does! Flipping jigs are made with stronger weed guards, stronger thicker hooks and in various weights for various depths of fishing. Due to the fact that flipping jigs are designed to fish in the thick stuff, around sunken trees, stumps, boulders and brush it is important for these baits to have nice strong hooks and to be made more weedless.

Swim jigs usually have much thinner style hooks that are not as strong, which definitely helps on the hook set when a fish is following the bait your are retrieving and strikes. The thinner style hooks will penetrate very easily and the that slight hook flex will act as an elastic band keeping pressure on the fish where a much thicker hook could produce far too much power and be pulled away from the fish or right out of the fishes mouth. A swim jig almost always has a much more defined appearance, with painted eyes, gills and overall bait fish coloring where flipping jigs are mainly solid or blended colors with limited lifelike looks to them.

This is a typicall swim jig style, very detailed fish appearance with a detailed skirt to match a swimming bait fish when you are using this like a crankbait. Be sure to always add a soft scented trailer of some sort, as it will add some weight, scent trail and added action to the bait.


This is your typical flipping jig, very simple looking with zero real life appearance to it, but made much stronger and bulkier to be fished in those thick cover areas. These are great when rigged with a creature bait or craw style soft plastic bait.


Once you know these differences it makes things easier as some bait packages do specify if a bait is a swim jig or flipping jig, while others needs further examination to find that information and we all know what happens when you go into the jig isle, there are 1000 different jigs staring at you, not easy to tell the differences at a first glance so take the time while looking at them.

Hope you found this vlog helpful!

The AMFisH guy…

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