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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – fishing areas with structure at dusk can lead to monster fish

Hi AMFisHers! This weeks AMFisH(LEARN more here: fishing vlog is about fishing structure at dusk.

You don’t always need to get to the lake for 5am, as fish are always eating, yes there are fish always eating somewhere on the lake, it’s not like they have a gathering to eat together! Considering dusk is my most favorite time to fish because most people have left for the day and it’s a nice low key wrap up to a fishing day. But having said that I have caught many “monster” fish at dusk, several large pike well over 15 plus pounds, big 5 plus pound smallmouth bass and my biggest Canadian largemouth bass 7 pounds, that was actually caught at the spot I am talking about in this video.

When it comes to areas with structure the key thing to understand is how important structure is to all fish species. It can be a very safe place for them to hide from feeding predator fish, it can be used as a feeding zone, ambush zone and a place for fish to sun themselves. Structure plays a very big role in survival to fish and understanding all of the above clearly defines why fishing areas like this can be extremely productive even outside of dusk hours.


This specific spot off to my right where you can see weeds sticking out of the water it actually a large rock shoal, that is surrounded by various thick weedy areas and drop offs to deeper water. I always make sure I fish this spot before ever outing ends when I am on this lake, WHY well as I mentioned above I have caught a lot of fish on this spot and a lot of BIG fish on this spot.


When dusk starts to roll in and light is several minutes away from completely fading off, get right over to the spot of structure you enjoy fishing, which could be anything from fishing a bunch of docks, to rock shoals, or even a deep drop off, the key is to get near structure. Once you are at the spot of choice, if there is still some light out stick with those brighter larger baits in the range of 7″ to 10″, depending on what you are fishing for of course. Typically you will want a slightly larger target around this time to really lure the fish in on a good meal! If there is less light and the sky is starting to darken, best lure choice will be something either all black or a very dark solid color bait, examples here would be a dark blue or dark green, as it will stand out more to the fish when they see that darker profile moving around.

My strategy has always been to fish baits rather quickly around dusk structure spots, to cover as much water as possible in hopes I get my bait right in front of a roaming fish. Bucktails for example are a great larger bait that you can fish pretty quick and at a few different depths, even just under the surface. I would also recommend trying a top water bait, something that you can cast out and do a steady retrieve with. Move you way around the entire area of structure making several casts a few feet apart to make sure you have fished it very thoroughly.

Once daylight is pretty much gone, you will get to an even better time to hook right into a monster! So the best dusk fishing window would be between the last 15 to 20 minutes right before sunset to 15 to 20 minutes right after sunset, really good time frame to focus on. There have been outings where I have caught numerous fish feet apart from where I caught another fish, all because they came in to feed at that time. There will also be days where fishing a structure spot like this will result in no fish and that is fine because you will be teaching yourself to focus on fishing a very high percentage spot right before the end of the day instead of fishing dead water somewhere else.

If you fish long days like I do start making fishing structure a regular practice and you might just hook into that beast of a lifetime!

Hope you found this vlog helpful and if you have any questions about this video feel free to contact me…tight lines!

The AMFisH guy…

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