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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – flipping jigs and making them more weedless – fishing.

Hi AMFisHers!   This weeks AMFisH(LEARN more here: fishing vlog is about making your flipping jigs a little more weedless:

Being a bass fishing fanatic myself I have always made small tweaks to baits at times, as my mind is always thinking about how I can improve on how something works, to avoid issues.  I usually flip docks, boat houses, stumps, sunken trees, logs, you name the structure I am fishing it and as weedless as a flipping jig is right out of the package, it will still get stuck at times as the weed guard can only do so much.

Here is a simple easy tip on adding a little extra weed protection to you hook, by using a small piece of silicone tube, you can slide it on the hook point just far back enough so two strands of the weed guard can slide into the silicone opening.  By doing this it transforms your hook into a weedless hook!  It does not in any way interfere with your hook set or hook up ratio, as you will see in this vlog it is very sensitive and releases with a little finger pressure.   When we fish structure like sunken trees with branches, this little extra hook protection can really go a long way, as the two strands of the weed guard will deflect obstacles away from the hook as they will slide past the hook due to the arch.

I use this for very thick cover areas and around sunken trees/branches, as it adds that little extra coverage for my hook.  Silicone tube pieces like this are extremely inexpensive and also act a soft plastic keeper and trailer hook keeper, once it has been slid on it will not allow your soft plastic to back up off the hook.

That small silicone piece offers extra hook protection, extra soft plastic protection and trailer hook protection, three great outcomes from this tiny little piece of tube!  They are usually sold in strips or packs of 25 pieces for under a dollar and depending on how many fish you catch you will have days where these pieces of tube will tear off or rip down the hook, all depends on the intensity of hook sets and fish battles, but they are not a costly item so stock up on some and give them a try!

Hope you found this vlog helpful!

The AMFisH guy…

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