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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – frog baits!

Hi AMFisHers!  Check out this weeks AMFisH fishing vlog, I go over frogs and top water fishing:

Top water fishing is probably the most exciting fishing presentation you can try, it`s always full of action!   Using frog baits is a great presentation to catch top water bass, but there are various types on the market along with a few different ways to fish them.

In this vlog you will see various frog baits I have along with me discussing the reasons behind having various colours and sizes, which can be critical at times.

The top water hook up ratio is not very good at all, bass usually attack with a lot of gusto and miss the baits, so there will be time when using a larger frog will actually land you more fish.  On the flip side there will also be times where the bite on a larger frog stops, then the key thing to try is a smaller frog bait in the same colour, as it may result in a few more fish being caught.

Once key thing is making sure you have confidence in the frog baits you use, you need to like the way they look and work on the water, nothing worse than using a frog you have no faith in.

You will be looking for a frog that is soft to the touch, so when you press your finger down on the back of the frog the hooks easily expose themselves.

Give frog fishing a try it is out of this world exciting!

Hope you found this vlog helpful…The AMFisH guy…

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