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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – Full review of the SPRO BBZ-1 rat bait!

Hi fellow anglers, fishing enthusiasts and AMFisHers! This weeks AMFisH(Visit today: fishing vlog is a review of the SPRO BBZ1 rat top water bait.

If you love top water fishing as much as I do, definitely watch this entire video as I go over the features of this bait in great detail as I have been using it now for a few seasons and absolutely love it!

SPRO U.S.A makes a lot of great quality baits and this BBZ1 rate bait is made extremely well! From the hard plastic molded body, the good quality strong hooks, heavy duty o-rings and a real lifelike tail, this bait rocks!

As I mention in this video this is the largest size of this rat bait and it also comes in a much smaller version which is great for catching other fish species as well. This larger size has caught me some 5 pound range largemouth bass and I have even had some big smallmouth bass strike at it before, the action and sound of this bait is what brings fish up for the attack.

This bait has a wiggling body and when the two pieces bump into one another while it is being retrieved it makes quite the clanking noise that can be heard several yards away from the boat. This sound is what allows fish to feel the vibrations traveling below the waters surface and due to the lifelike action of a rat moving across the water, it blends right in to what the fish are seeing on a regular basis.

Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and predator fish will attack everything from small rodents scurrying across the surface, to snakes, baby ducks, bugs, frogs, lizards, birds and anything that is near that water surface is fair game for these species.

The SPRO rat bait is quite durable as it is made tough as nails! The paint job on this bait will not scratch off quickly at all, which confirms this bait is made very well. After several pike attacks on the grey bait I show in this video, there were only a few small teeth scratches on the body of the bait, it held up extremely well after being viciously attacked by predator fish that hit baits hard!

If you are looking to add a very cool looking top water bait to your fishing arsenal definitely consider the SPRO BBZ1 rat bait, it’s a killer at getting fish attention!

Hope you found this post and video helpful and if you have any questions on this bait feel free to comment with them.

The AMFisH guy…tight lines!

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