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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – how to spool line on to a spinning real correctly – fis

Hi fellow AMFishers!  This weeks AMFisH(LEARN more here: fishing vlog is about how to correctly spool line on to your spinning reels:

When it comes to spooling line on to your reels whether they are spinning or bait casting reels, it is very important to ensure that it is done correctly, as your line is the most critical part between you and the fish.

With spinning reels there are some little tips that can help, especially when it comes to line twist which can be a big pain, as it adds a very unnecessary coiling to your line if it’s not spooled correctly.  Make sure you have a secure knot(arbor knot is best for tying to a spool – see diagram below) as this connection needs to be a strong one.


Once your knot is secure to the spool you will want to make sure a few things are done prior to spooling the line on.  First you will want a nice tight line foundation on the spool so make sure your drag is tightened up quite a bit(tightest setting when spooling on braid to prevent line dig in) that way when you are holding the line it is spooling on evenly and nice and snug.  From here to eliminate any line twist you will want to make sure the line is coming off the spool in the opposite direction from how the reel is spooling it on.  For example is the reel is spooling line on clockwise and the line comes off the spool clockwise, it will create a lot of line twist, so the easy way to make sure this is avoided is to flip your spool over so it comes off in a different direction.

Unlike bait casters where the line spool is held vertically, with spinning reels you want to lay the spool of line down flat and let it coil off when it is going on to the reel.  All you need to do is hold the ling above the reel about 3 to 4 inches, between two fingers to ensure it is not wrapping around the handles while spooling is taking place.

Lastly you want to make sure you do not over spool line on, this can cause some serious issues with too much line as it will cause further issues with casting and getting into your spool due to coiling around it.  Make sure to leave some space closer to the edge of the spool, as this will also let the line work smoother on the spool.  See the chart below as a correctly spooled reel is the one you see on the left and an under spooled reel is the one on the right, try to avoid under spooling your line as it will impact casting distance and overall performance.


Typical use for spinning reels is when you are using lighter baits, as spinning reels will cast very light baits much easier than a bait caster will and spinning reels are also great from finesse presentations as well.  Below is a picture of a perfectly spooled spinning reel and as you can see it is not over spooled or under spooled which will allow it to perform at it’s best!


I can’t stress how important line is when fishing, it is the main connection between the fish and yourself, so make sure to take the time to do it right.

Hope you found this post helpful!

The AMFisH guy…

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