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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – how to thumb a baitcasting reel.

Hello all you fishing people out there this weeks AMFisH fishing vlog is about how to properly thumb a baitcasting reel:

Many and I mean many people avoid baitcasting reels because of the difficulty is using them, especially when it comes to thumbing the spool.  Baitcasting reels have a free spool meaning once your bait hits the water the spool will automatically start spooling off line.

The trick is to thumb the spool but how do you do that and how much pressure is actually needed, well it’s simpler then it looks!  Just by having your thumb resting on the spool with greatly assist in any over spooling line the key step it to apply a little pressure as you are casting, this will keep the line spooling off at a good speed without it over spooling on you.

It just takes some practice is all, get out there on you lawn, backyards, where you have some space and practice short casts about 20th to 30ft wile applying some thumb pressure to the spool.

Nothing will get you there quicker than practice!

Hope you found this vlog helpful.

The AMFisH guy…

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