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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – “Life & Positivity”!

Hi AMFisHers!   I have a great vlog up this week about life and positivity take a look:

When it comes to positivity I can’t say enough great things about it!   I always refer to life as being far to short then I think it’s actually shorter than what I thought.  

I have been witness to some people I knew well who never made it to retirement, shocked me as I heard time and time again about how they were so looking so looking forward to doing all the things they loved so much and never got the chance to.

So what do I say do what you love as much as you can with as many people as you can, WHY well “WHY NOT” do what you love instead of just talking about it!

I have made many efforts to surround myself with positive people as it works just the same as negativity does, which is not an option if you ask me it draining and a big waste of time, positivity on the other hand spreads the exact same way and in contagious the same way as well only difference is it makes you feel on top of the world!

I love to fish, I love talking about fishing, I love taking people fishing, I love helping people fish so I do it every chance I get!

Embrace positivity and see what you can achieve through it, while at the same time pushing all the negativity aside, no need to waste time with that stuff.

I hope you found this vlog helpful…The AMFisH guy…

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