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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – LIVETARGET hollow body Sunfish bait review – fishing.

Hi AMFisHers! This weeks AMFisH(LEARN more here: fishing vlog is a bait review of the LIVETARGET hollow body Sunfish bait:

If you enjoy top water fishing as much as I do this is a bait you will definitely want to try out. The LIVETARGET hollow body Sunfish is a much different bait than a top water frog, as it’s profile has been made to resemble a struggling, injured or about to die bait fish.

This bait also has a unique movement to it, when twitched it will actually swing backwards not forwards or sideways like other baits and with this backwards action it keeps the bait in the strike zone for several seconds longer, so the fish have a longer time to have a look at it as well as to strike towards it.

The details on this bait are very realistic looking, from the eyes right down to the slanted tail and fins. One great thing about this bait is the book placement, it’s right by the narrow end of the tail which is not a bulky area and results in quick solid hook sets when a fish strikes!

The LIVETARGET hollow body Sunfish bait is great to fish in and around thick cover where bait fish may have breached themselves trying to escape being eaten or dropped by a bird of prey, so the look of this bait on the water is quite cool. You can also fish this bait in open water, WHY well if you have ever seen a dead sunfish floating, a fish that is flopping around on the surface or a fish that is dropped by a bird it’s not always near thick cover so fishing this bait pretty much anywhere on the lake is an option.

It has nice strong very sharp hook on it and the body material is very durable, as I have caught several bass on this bait in one day with ZERO rips or torn spots on the bait. It will take on some water as many hollow body top water baits do, BUT the water inside does not impact this bait at all, it actually still floats as it would without water in it and the action is still the same, so it is made well for the application.

Hope you enjoyed this bait review vlog and if you have any questions feel free to ask away!

The AMFisH guy…

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