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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – make sure you don’t have man made scents on your hands

Hi AMFisHers I have a great AMFisH fishing vlog up this week – make sure not to have man made scents on your hand while fishing:

This is something most people forget about this which is why I decided to make a video on this topic.  I always make sure I rinse any man made scents off my hands while fishing and not touching my baits in the process because this is a make or break thing if your bait has a strong scent like sunscreen or bug repellent on it you will not catch fish.

Some easy ways to make sure your hands are clean are to wash them with some fresh weeds from the lake, some sand, dirt or a handful of small pebbles, all of these will help eliminate those scents so they do not get stuck on your bait.

A man made scent can even worse on a soft plastic bait as it will absorb much easier so keep your hands clean and catch more fish!

Hope you found this video helpful…

The AMFisH guy…

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