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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – review of crankbait styles.

Hi AMFisHers !!!!   This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog is a review or cranbaits and style of them:

I made this video because I struggled many years ago as a young guy trying to figure out what cranbait to get and what would actually work.  Well it was not an easy task as the crankbait isle in every fishing store is usually the longest and most filled variety isle.

There are surface, shallow and deep running crankbaits, which is determined by the size of the diving lip on the bait.  The diving lip is that clear plastic piece on the face of the bait, the longer the lip the more resistance it causes in the water driving the bait deeper, the smaller the lip the shallower the bait will run.

Thick bulky body crankbaits will wobble a lot more when it comes to side to side action, and leaner longer baits will typically run straighter with a very tight wobble.

When it comes to colours it is like choosing any other bait, pick colours that match the bait fish in the waters you fish, BUT be sure to pick up one or two very out of the norm colours, like a bright pink or yellow they will come in handy when the fish are not into natural colours and you need to throw something very different to get their attention.

There are lots of good brands to choose from, Mann’s, Rapala, Strike King just to name a few.  Look at what these manufacturers have to offer and fit something in with the price range you can afford for baits.  Really good baits could cost a little more money BUT you do not need to get all the pricey baits at once.

Hope you found this video helpful…chat soon…

The AMFisH guy…

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