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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – Review of the Freedom Tackle Corp. spinnerbait – fishin

Hi fishing enthusiast’s fellow anglers and AMFisHers! This weeks AMFisH(Visit today: fishing vlog is a review of the Freedom Tackle Corp. spinnerbait.

This post is a must read and this video is a must watch for anyone out there that enjoys fishing for bass with spinnerbaits as much as I do! This is a great product line of spinnerbait’s with some very unique action to them that you will not find on another spinnerbait on the market.

Freedom Tackle’s spinnerbaits and some of their other baits as well have a free swinging hook that attaches securely to the bait head through a very cool head chamber and rigging system. With the bait allowing the head ad hook to move around in all directions this creates a lot of extra bait action you will not be able to replicate on standard spinnerbaits. A standard spinnerbait has the hook built right into the lead head, making it all one straight piece with zero movement. The Freedom Tackle spinnerbait on the other hand allows you to remove the hook if need be, as it attaches and detaches quite easily off the mechanism.

This spinnerbait offers a lot of advantages like being able to change the size of your hook, to something smaller or larger, being able to remove the hook if for some reason it gets damaged, being able to have various soft plastic trailers pre-rigged on spare hooks for easy changing of the baits appearance, switching out and replacement of the spinnerbait skirt and most importantly a superior bait action that drives fish insane!

In this video I talk in great detail about all these benefits that a normal spinnerbait does not offer, especially making these changes quickly and easily. You will also be able to Texas rig your soft plastics on these spinnerbaits which is not something a regular spinnerbait offers either, so this one thing alone is a big advantage as you can make an already weedless bait that much more weedless!

When it comes to using soft plastic trailers there are two advantages over regular spinnerbaits as well, first one being there is a corkscrew style bait keeper on the hook that allows you to secure your soft plastic to prevent it from being pulled off easily. Second advantage is the money you will save on soft plastics, yes you read that correctly this product will save you money on soft plastics due to the fact that you can pre-rig numerous soft plastics on spare hooks and have them ready for use. By doing this you eliminate constantly threading on soft plastics over and over again as you would on a normal spinnerbait, as all those entry and exit holes on soft plastics cause them to get torn up much faster.

With 6 of these spinnerbaits the combinations you can come up with are endless, talk about a huge advantage! Being able to quickly and easily turn 6 spinnerbaits into various style spinnerbaits and further more various style baits out of a spinnerbait is priceless to any angler as we all battle space in our boats, canoes and kayaks. Being a hardcore kayak fisherman myself this spinnerbait really does allow me to get on the water with a lot less tackle and that is a huge advantage when space is an issue.

If you are looking for some very unique spinnerbait action and a superior product with some many advantages you will definitely want to check Freedom Tackle Corp out!

Hope you found this post and video helpful and if you have any questions about this product feel free to comment below.

The AMFisH guy…tight lines!

Visit today:

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