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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – review of the worm blower and other uses for it – fishi

Hi AMFisHers! This weeks AMFisH(LEARN more: fishing vlog is about using a worm blower with soft plastics:

For anyone who does not know what a worm blower is it is a small plastic tube that is empty, with a nozzle and within the nozzle is a shape pin that is used to insert into live worms to blow them up with air so they float up off the bottom when fished.


Worm blowers are very inexpensive but a cool little tool that you can also use to blow up soft plastics to make them more buoyant. I have done this for year now and wanted to put a video out about this as I have never seen anyone else discuss this topic.

Let’s say you are using a heavily salted worm that is Texas rigged, knowing that heavily salted baits will not stand completely upright due to the dense nature of all the salt weighing the bait down, so by using a worm blower and inserting the needle only where you want the worm to float can be quite the game changer! It allows you to use that salted bait in a way that you could not normally use it. Inserting some air in the bottom half of the worm will allow it to float due to that air so instead of the tail pointing downwards or lying horizontally it would now be standing upright.

I used worm blowers more on soft plastics as I do not fish with a lot of live bait, but the uses are quite endless here are just a few:

1) insert air into the front end of a soft plastic swimbait so the face of the bait is buoyant and facing upwards while the tail is downwards, to give the bait the look of a bait fish that is about to die.

2) insert some air into the claws of a creature bait so they float up into the defense position.

3) insert air into the tail of a soft plastic worm to make it float.

4) insert air into a soft plastic lizard to make it float on the surface.

5) insert air into any Texas rigged soft plastic bait so it sinks a lot slower on every cast.

As you can see this inexpensive little tool gives you a lot of options to tweaking baits when you need them to float or what them to somewhat float. Without using a worm blower there is not real way to make a bait float, you would need soft plastic baits that are not salted and have an air chamber already made in them.

Grab a few worm blowers as they don’t cost much at all and experiment with some of these options, you might just find yourself being able to adjust on the fly to any situation and catching more fish!

Hope you found this vlog helpful!

The AMFisH guy…

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