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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – rigging a swimbait properly.

Hi AMFisHers!  This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog is about rigging a swimbait properly:

Swimbaits are relatively new baits on the market the last few years and man oh man do they produce fish!

As you will see in this vlog I point out some key important points, number one being making sure this bait is rigged up correctly and totally straight on the hook.

These baits are soft plastic minnow style lures that have a very distinct paddle tail, that fish go nuts for when they see it moving through the water.

Rig this bait improperly and you will not have much luck catching fish, BUT once it is rigged correctly and fished very slowly the result is quite an experience!

Hope you found this vlog helpful.

The AMFisH guy…

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