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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – safest place to tie your line to on bait “O” ring

Hi everyone I have a great fishing vlog posted this week on my site, it’s about the safest place to tie your line to the “O” ring of a bait:

I know there are probably a lot of AMFisHers out there that would have never thought of a dangerous spot on a bait “O” ring to tie to, BUT there sure is a really bad one.

It is not easy to describe in the post but the “O” ring of a bait is the little metal ring dangling of the nose end of a crankbait, it looks like a ring your keys go on but obviously much smaller.

The split area on that ring can be detrimental if you have a fish on the line with your line tied on near it, it can easily slide between that split area on the “O” ring and potentially slide completely out of the ring OR snap your line under pressure.

Simple way to avoid this as you will see clearer in my video is turn the ring to the opposite side where there is no split area.  If you tie your bait on the solid bars you stand a really good chance if  you have used a good fishing knot, that your line will barely move along the “O” ring at all.

Again this is a chance I can’t guarantee it will not move under extreme pressure BUT at least you have a good start to avoiding line snapping due to the “O” ring opening.

It has worked for me over the years and should the knot slide you can always pull it back to the other side and try to tighten it a little more.

Hope you found this post and my video helpful…

The AMFisH guy…

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