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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – spooling line on your reel and knowing when you have done it

Hello AMFisHers!   This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog is about how to spool your line on to your fishing reel and knowing when you have done it the right way:

This topic was on my list of videos to shoot and I moved it up on the list as I received a message from a fellow AMFisHer who was inquiring on me making a video on this topic…pretty cool!

Things to focus on when spooling line on to you reel are things like, making sure the line is being spooled on the same way it is coming off the spool the line is on, with spinning reels you lie the line spool flat on the ground BUT keep in mind that spinning reels spool line on clockwise so to eliminate lots of line twist made sure the spool is flat but with the line spooling off in the opposite direction.   The line should be pretty even across the spool, if you see it bundling up on one side you may have been spooling it on too quickly and caused some push with your finger in one direction, make sure it is even right across the spool.

With a baitcasting reel the spool of line should be turned and held upright, similar to how a tire is standing.   Tighten your drag so you have a really tight line flow, what I mean by this is you want that line going on to the reel as tightly as possible especially with braided lines, a tight foundation at the bottom of the spool will help reduce the line dig you will get while fishing.

Most important two things I can say is make sure you tie your line to the reel with a very good strong fishing knot, I demonstrate the arbor fishing knot in the video, take the time to practice and master this knot as it is a really good one.  Second thing is “TAKE YOUR TIME” when spooling line on your reels, make sure you set aside lots of time so you are not rushing and cutting any corners, rushing will result in mistakes that can lead to lost fish potentially even the fish of a lifetime.

Hope you found this video helpful…

The AMFIsH guy…

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