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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – thank you video to Burd’s Family Fishing for my kids fi

Hi AMFisHers far and wide this weeks AMFisH fishing vlog is my thank you video to Burd’s Family Fishing for helping me host my first annual AMFisH kids fishing day this past July:

Burd’s Family Fishing is a local trout pond here in Ontario that is a great little place with a lot of history that you can enjoy with the kids!  

They have three different ponds you can fish in, rods are already to be rented, refreshments, fish cleaning facility, free live bait, some swag available, hand washing station you name it they have thought of it.

I decided to host my event here because fishing licenses are not required so it made it easy for the parents to attend.   It was a great event everyone had a blast and I look forward to building it into a larger event every year!

Take a look at Burd’s Family Fishing through this link it is a great choice for a local and easy fishing outing with the little ones:

Thank again Burd’s Family Fishing your help made for a great event!!!!

The AMFisH guy…

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