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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – tip regular baits with soft plastics – fishing!

Hi AMFisHers! This weeks AMFisH(LEARN more here: fishing vlog is about jumping out of the normal way of doing things and tipping regular baits with soft plastics.

There are baits we use regularly that we add soft plastic trailers to for more action and scent, BUT there are some other baits that many people may never think about tipping with soft plastics, which I discuss in this video.

There are various reasons for tipping a regular bait with a soft plastic bait, that range from giving the bait a different look if it has stopped working right down to making it appear much larger and bulkier than it would look without the soft plastic being added. Spoons catch fish as is and have always done so, but as you will see in this video I added a large minnow/swimbait style soft plastic to this already decent size spoon and created a very large target for the fish to see and react to.


On this specific day I was out with limited tackle and not very many of my large baits with me, so I created a massive looking bait with killer action by utilizing a soft plastic bait. The second bait is a skirted bucktail which many use as is as well and they sure catch fish like that, BUT by tipping it with a matching soft plastic bait I was able to add more bulk under the skirt and make the bait longer with a significant amount of more action as well.

There will be times where this can create some very memorable fish catches, especially with a larger looking bait as those big fish will almost always exert themselves for a bigger meal instead of a smaller one. Consider this for baits like spoons, inline spinners and bucktails as it’s a great way to experiment with your baits, that also allows you flexibility on the water for days where the fishing for regular stuff may be slow and the bite for bigger predator fish is on!

When tipping baits with soft plastics this way, it is a good idea to match the hatch as best you can, meaning to use the exact same color soft plastic or something that is very close to the bait you are putting the soft plastic on. What this does it create a solid flow of the bait where the fish see this large profile moving around that appears to be one solid body.

I have been doing this with these two baits for years and it works very well when you have been using these baits without a soft plastic catching fish but when the fish stop reacting to the bait, adding that soft plastic to it now makes the bait look that much different. In most cases this sudden change will get you back on the bite.

Getting out of the norm or things with baits can really open up an entire new way of catching fish, as well as giving you a variety of creative bait setups, that you would not have access to if you did not try something outside the norm.

Hope you found this vlog helpful and if you have any questions about this video feel free to ask.

The AMFisH guy…tight lines!

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