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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – tips for casting into the wind.

Hi AMFisHers!   This week AMFisH fishing vlog is me sharing some tips on how to cast into the wind:

Windy days can make for some tough fishing so knowing how to avoid those issues like reel backlash, lack of distance on cast’s, inaccurate cast’s can be a make or break day on the water.

On these windy day’s I like to use baits that do not have a lot of drag through the air, baits that are more streamline and heavier.  Example a lipless crankbait like the Strike King red eye shad is a heavier bait with no diving lip on in and I quite a bit heavier than a regular crankbait making it easier to cast through the wind.  This bait is also more streamlined than a regular crankbait that makes for more accurate casts on those windy days.

Once you have the bait selected the trick is to cast with a lot more power into that wind, this will allow the bait to chop through the wind much easier.   Once your bait hits the water you will want to reel in a lot faster than usual as well, it the wind is blowing at you the bait will need a faster retrieve to give the presentation it requires.  There will be times where the wind is quite strong so you can actually reel it in slightly slower as the wind is helping you retrieve that bait.

Windy days also make the water much rougher which in turn blows schools of baitfish around, so a faster moving minnow style bait is what you will want to focus on using for that outing.

Don’t avoid fishing on those windy days learn to adapt and you can have quite the production day on the water.

Hope you found this vlog helpdul!

The AMFisH guy…

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