This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – tips for removing human scents from your hands – fishin

Hi fellow AMFisHers!   This week AMFisH fishing vlog is about removing human scent from your hands while fishing:

This is a critical part to fishing and human scents on a bait can very quickly result in catching no fish.   These scents range from bug spray to UV protection lotion, gum, hand cream and the list goes on and on.

Once these scents get onto a bait, especially a soft plastic bait or something with rubber, it will embed itself on the bait and give that smell off to the fish.   Just think of bug spray ending up on a soft plastic bait, no way a fish is going after that toxic smell.

There are various ways you can clean your hands of any human scents, if you are on shore you can use some grass, sand, dirt or even a handful of pebbles as the natural minerals along with some lake water will get that smell right out.   If you are in a boat fill a small container with some lake water and snag some weeds with your bait, wash your hands in the lake first, then scrub them with some weeds, then rinse them again, you should only smell a natural mineral grass smell afterword meaning your hands have officially been grounded from any human smells.

I can stress how important this is, as in the rush to fish we often forget that we have touched various things with our hands then handle our baits.   Removing these scents is very important and quite simple to do form land of in a boat so keep those hands clean and in turn you will keep the fish interested in your baits!

Hope you enjoyed this post.

The AMFisH guy…

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