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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – tips of what to have with you to land big fish!

Happy Friday AMFisHERS !   This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog is about some tips of what to have with you when landing big fish:

Don’t mind those pesky zoom moments in this video, button was use when it should not have been used but I decided to air this video anyway due to it having some good content in it for you

I am sure most of you have had a big toothy critter on the line before and the fight sure is great until you get them to the boat and scratch your head on how do I get this fish in the boat.

Well I have been fishing for big pike and musky for several years now and wanted to share some tips with all of you.   First thing is you need to be prepared or things will not be easy. 

You will need either a large landing net(bigger the better) or a cradle, both work well but I have resorted to a cradle because I will it is more of a confined space for the fish, which almost always keeps it in an upright position.  Whatever you use remember to not fight big fish for a long time, they are sensitive so enjoy the fight but try to land them quickly.

Also remember that a fish can only hold it’s breath for about as long as the average human can(20 to 35 seconds and that pushing it) so once the fish is in the net or cradle, submerge it under water if you need more time to get the hooks out.

You will also need a good pair of gloves, fish have that slimy coating making it difficult to grip them, BUT always wet your glove and that slimy coating is a protective shield so you don’t want to be removing too much of it.

Have a good long pair of strong pliers, along with some bolt cutters which will come in handy should you not be able to get a hook out.  Instead of risking the fishes life or potentially killing it, snap that hook and set it free as you can always replace a hook on a bait.

Having all of these items with you will make things significantly easier and you will start landing more of those bigger catches.  Also keep in mind that when it comes to big fish you definitely need a second pair of hands to help out, I am a pretty big guy but let me tell you when that monster fish get close to the boat everything all of a sudden seems difficult as there instantly is so much to be done so make sure to have a good friend along to help out.

Hope this video was helpful and I wish you all some big catches this year!

The AMFisH guy…

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