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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – tips on fishing unfamiliar waters.

Hello there AMFisHers!   I have a great fishing vlog up this week, sharing some easy to follow tips on how to fish unfamiliar waters:

Hitting a lake you don’t know if not easy especially if you are expecting to catch some fish, so I shot this video for all of you to share some very easy tips I have used over the years that have allowed me to learn some quick spots on new lakes I have fished.

You can get some quick easy to follow maps right off the internet, some of which will give you rough ideas of areas that have structure, species of fish in those areas and even depths.

Secondly observe where people are fishing and visit those spots after they have left to see what it is about those spots, this is a great way to learn quick spots on a lake.

Third talk to some of the locals or fisherman around there, you would be surprised how helpful people are when it comes to sharing some info about that lake.

Lastly always make sure to try a new spot on every outing, especially on new lakes as this will allow you to study a new spot and learn the lake a lot quicker.

Hope you found this vlog helpful.

The AMFisH guy…

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