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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – use trailers on your baits to increase you odds.

Hi AMFisHers!    This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog is about using trailers on your baits to increase your odds of catching fish:

Baits work as they are outside of the packages BUT there are always ways to increase your chances of catching more fish!

Once key thing I do is use soft plastic trailers on my spinnerbaits and bucktails, WHY well it’s simple as AMFisHers we need as much of an advantage as we can get getting those fish to strike and by adding a soft plastic to a bait you get that.

A soft plastic trailers adds various advantages to your presentation, scent, extra action, a full soft body, size, which are all key things when it comes to fish making the effort to chase a bait down.

On spinnerbaits and bucktails I do this all the time and it increases my fish catches by a huge percentage!   Out of 10 fish that would consider striking at my bait, I can secure at least 9 of them to commit, WHY well my bait is just that much more appetizing and realistic looking to them.

Fish feel the soft body and hold on much longer, they smell the scent trail and speed up for the attack much more often.   You can’t go wrong with using a soft plastic trailer as it will definitely increase your fish catch ratio on all outings.

You can play around with sizes and styles of what soft plastic to use, maybe try a lizard bait on a spinnerbait for more erratic action, or a long bulky twister tail  to make the bucktail more bulky and larger.

I never guarantee fish being caught BUT I can assure you that your fish catch ratio will start to increase.

Hope you found this blog post helpful!

The AMFisH guy…

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