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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – using dark baits on overcast and low light conditions.

Hi fellow AMFisHers!   This weeks AMFisH(LEARN more: fishing vlog is about using dark colored baits on overcast days:

CLICK here to watch now:

I have talked about this in many of my written blogs and thought I would add to my video list about this topic as I still get asked when fishing on overcast days how I caught so many fish.   As you can see in this picture below, the spinnerbait I used along with trailer are both darker colors and I this specific day it was much later in the day very close to dusk and the fish were going after my chartreuse spinnerbait  until the sun vanished and I pulled out the darker bait to get back on the bite.

When we are fishing during plenty of sunlight, a bright colored bait with flashy blades or flakes in it will definitely stand out to the fish, as the natural light will catch various portions of the bait in turn causing flash that fish will react to.   On darker days this does not happen, once that sunlight disappears from above very little light is entering the water which makes a bright color bait almost unnoticeable to the fish.

Thought I would include this picture as well, I took it during a sunset that was almost gone along with a sky filled with clouds and in these very low light conditions you can see my dark bait very clearly as I was holding it up in front of me.  The same effect happens in the water, fish zone in on the dark profile as they don’t have much else to go by, which is why I also include more scent and noise on baits in these low light conditions, examples: rattles in jigs, bigger spinnerbait blades and some fish attractant to help the fish find my bait that much faster.

By using a darker more natural tones like blacks, dark blues, dark greens, dark browns and dark reds your bait profile will be 100 times more visible in that darker water.  Watch one of my previous videos on this topic by CLICKING here:

Now I will encourage all of you to try some outside of the box stuff as I have also proven this wrong on a few different occasions as I was catching more fish a few times on bright colored baits on an extremely overcast day, was not sure why but the dark colors were not producing fish so I jumped outside the box and tried the opposite thing.

The norm is to use dark colors in low light conditions like early morning, overcast days, dusk and during the night, with bright vibrant colors being used on sunny days with plenty of day light, so this is what you should start off by doing as a regular routine, just don’t be afraid to try something very different!

Hope you found this post and vlogs helpful!

The AMFisH guy…

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