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This weeks AMFisH video blog, utilizing the wind while fishing !

Hi amateur fishing people this weeks AMFisH fishing video blog talks about how to utilize the wind while fishing !   I have fished on far too many windy days, nasty one this past weekend so I thought I would pass along some tips.

If you fish in a boat try to position yourself in the wind tunnel, the strongest part of the wind in the area you are on the lake.  This will allow you to be pushed along at wind speed following shorelines and casting with the wind.   Can be extremely affective when it comes to producing fish as wind will moves lots of bait fish around the lake.

From shore you will want to walk into the wind every 10ft or so then turn around and cast with the wind, will help with really long cast’s and prevent long sways in the line that result in backlash and cast’s that end up going no where.

Hoep this video adds some value and for those of you who may not know about my videos feel free to visit me at, list of already blog videos under the video section………chat soon and may you all have tight fishing lines ! ! ! !

The AMFisH guy…

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